Our faculty consists of dedicated academics plus industry professionals who are all acclaimed experts in their respective fields; they are all committed to contributing to high-quality education with the primary objective of educating members of the next generation to take their place in the tourism industry.

Oğuz Benice, Instructor 

Oğuz Benice has his degree from a world-class school of hospitality, Ecole hôtelière de Laussanne in Switzerland. He is one of the founders of the Ankara Branch of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, an international gastronomic society founded in Paris in 1950 that is devoted to promoting fine dining and preserving the friendship and pleasures of the table.

Oğuz teaches the department’s Food and Beverage Management, Concept and Design for Food and Beverage Outlets, and Introduction to Business courses. His mother tongue is French and he is also fluent in German. His hobbies include photography, trekking, tennis and skiing. He is holding a ski instructor qualification from the Swiss Ski Federation.

Office location: RA121

Phone number: + 90 312 290 5021

Email: benice@bilkent.edu.tr


Jamel Ben Chafra, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Chair

Jamel Ben Chafra is the assistant chair and a 1994 graduate of the department. He obtained his MBA degree from the Bilkent University Faculty of Business Administration, and was a recipient of the university’s distinguished teaching award in 2003. Jamel’s research focuses on leadership and finance; he has publications in journals that include the European Journal of Finance, the Journal of Health Organizations and Management, Management Research Review, and the American Journal of Business.

He teaches Finance, Hospitality Industry Accounting, Front Office Operations, Rooms Division Management, and Service Operations Management.  Jamel speaks French and Arabic fluently. His hobbies include snooker, table tennis, and football; he is a passionate supporter of the Beşiktaş football team. 

Office location: RA214

Phone number: + 90 312 290 5023

Email: chafra@bilkent.edu.tr


Ayşe Collins, Associate Professor

Ayşe Collins has a Ph.D. from the Middle East Technical University (Ankara), where her thesis won the “Best Qualitative Ph.D. Thesis Award.” Her research interests cover human resources management, total quality management, labor law, and curriculum development and evaluation; she has publications in leading journals in the field, including Tourism Management, the Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, and the International Journal of Contemporary Hotel Management. She has also authored a book chapter concerning the rights of the disabled in the context of labor law.

In the department, Ayşe offers the Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior, and Social Psychology and Research Methods courses. Ayşe is a nature lover; her hobbies include outdoor sports, skiing, and travel.

Office location: RA116

Phone number: + 90 312 290 5043

Email: collins@bilkent.edu.tr


Nazende Özkaramete Coşkun, Instructor

Nazende Özkaramete Coşkun has a Ph.D. in Economics from Yeditepe University in İstanbul. She is the author of a book, Economy of Turkey: The New Structure (2000-2008), as well as a number of articles. She has also been a member of a government committee charged with adapting Turkish statistics to European Union standards.

Nazende teaches the Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Principles of Economics and Statistics and Quantitative Methods courses. 

Office location: RA117

Phone number: + 90 312 290 5033

Email: nazende@bilkent.edu.tr


Hacer Üstündağ, Instructor

Hacer Üstündağ has a bachelor’s degree from the Hacettepe University Faculty of Business Administration, and over 12 years of experience in the manufacturing and the  hospitality industry as a operations manager. Before joining the department, she was the assistant financial controller manager at the Sheraton Ankara Hotel and Convention Center.

Hacer teaches the Tourism Management Applications, Managerial Accounting, Hospitality Management Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis and Principles of Accounting courses. 

Office location: RA103

Phone number: + 90 312 290 5028

Email: hcinar@bilkent.edu.tr


Elif Denizci, Chef Instructor

Elif Denizci has a degree from Gazi University, where she is currently pursuing her Ph.D. studies and writing a thesis on sustainable food preparation. She is a celebrity in Turkey, known for her gastronomy and culinary culture programs on TRT TV, and a winner of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs’ 2009 National Young Commis Rôtisseurs Competition. Before joining Bilkent University, Elif was assistant to the executive chef at the Sheraton Ankara Hotel and Convention Center. As Chaîne des Rôtisseurs vice-conseiller culinaire of the bailliage, Region d’Ankara, and board member of Turkish Culinary Federation, Elif participates in national and international Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competitions as a judge. 

Elif teaches International Cuisines in the department’s Practice Kitchen. Besides providing instruction in basic knife skills, she teaches the fundamentals of culinary skills and the techniques, procedures, and principles involved in preparing various types of foods from all over the world in the context of a weekly international menu served to guests in the department’s Practice Restaurant. Her course offers a comprehensive culinary education that is derived from a sound understanding of the hospitality industry. 

Office location: RC206

Phone number: + 90 312 290 5017-5229

Email: elif.denizci@bilkent.edu.tr


Eda Gürel, Assistant Professor, Chair

Eda Gürel, the chair, is also a 1994 graduate of the department. She completed her master’s degree in tourism marketing as a Chevening and Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) Scholar at the tourism school of the University of Surrey, one of the highest ranked programs in the field in the UK. She also holds a Ph.D. degree from Hacettepe University in Ankara.

In the department, Eda offers the Principles of Marketing, Principles of Economics and Strategic Marketing for the Hospitality Industry courses, and serves as an advisor to all students. Her research interests include tourism and services marketing, museums, public relations, consumer and business ethics, and entrepreneurship; she has conducted research at London Metropolitan and Oxford Brookes universities in the UK. Eda has publications in leading journals that include the Annals of Tourism Research, the Journal of Business Ethics, and the European Journal of Marketing. In 2010, she was presented with the “Best Young Academic” award by the tourism student club at Bosphorus University. An active external consultant for the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), Eda is also a board member and representative of Turkey on the Council of Hospitality and Tourism Educators in Europe (EuroCHRIE). Her hobbies include visiting museums, driving, and dancing. If she is not in her office or out running, you can find her in a museum.

Office location: RA205

Phone number: + 90 312 290 5026

Email: gureleda@bilkent.edu.tr


Güneş Karamullaoğlu, Instructor, Assistant Chair

Güneş Karamullaoğlu has a master’s degree from Gazi University in Ankara and  vast experience in the travel industry, with specialization in international conventions and tour organizations. She has been a member in a government committee charged with adapting Turkish statistics to European Union standards and holds a professional tour guide certificate from Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Güneş teaches Dynamics of Tourism, Introduction to Business, Tourism Policies and Sustainability, and Events Management. She serves as the department coordinator for exchange students. Her hobbies include painting and sports.

Office location: RA212

Phone number: + 90 312 290 5008

Email: karamul@bilkent.edu.tr


Ayşe Nuriye Örer, Instructor

Ayşe Nuriye Örer has a Ph.D. from Hacettepe University and is the author of a book, Nutrition and Dietetics. She inspires her students for a healthy lifestyle.

Nuriye teaches Nutrition and Sanitation, Nutritional Anthropology, Hygiene and Safety, Nutrition and Health Studies and Seminars on Tourism Industry, and aims to inspire in her students an appreciation of a healthy lifestyle. Nuriye is a passionate supporter of the Fenerbahçe football team. Her hobbies include bridge, swimming, and reading.

Office location: RA102

Phone number: + 90 312 290 5016

Email: ayse.orer@bilkent.edu.tr


Kamer Rodoplu, Instructor, Director of the School of Applied Technology and Management and Bilkent University Dean of Student Affairs

Kamer Rodoplu is a graduate of the Galatasaray Lycée in İstanbul and has an engineering diploma from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon in France. In 1998, he was awarded with the order of Chevalier dans l’Ordre National de Chirac.

Kamer, who teaches Calculus, speaks fluent French. His hobbies include classical music, jazz, travel, and sports. He is also a passionate supporter of the Galatasaray football team.

Office location: RA 202.

Phone number: + 90 312 290 5035

Email: rodoplu@bilkent.edu.tr


Mustafa Siyahhan, Instructor

Mustafa Siyahhan has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s in journalism, PR and advertising from Ohio University in the USA. Author of the book Promotion of Turkish Tourism in the Globalizing World, he was also the winner of the 2007 Mehmet Kemal Dedeman Research and Development Project Competition in the area of tourism. His research interests include tourism marketing, destinations marketing, advertising and public relations, tourism legislation in the EU, tourism law, strategic planning for tourism, and corporate structuring in tourism promotion and marketing.

Mustafa teaches a number of different courses, including Introduction to Business, Tourism Geography for Turkey, Tourism Economics, Strategic Marketing for the Hospitality Industry, and Principles of Economics and Marketing. 

Mustafa has vast experience in the tourism industry as a government official. He was councilor for culture and tourism in Copenhagen, Denmark; councilor for tourism in Washington DC, USA; and general director of marketing and tourism promotion and EU permanent contact point for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey. His hobbies include Turkish folk music, history, tracking, and swimming.

Office location: RA216

Phone number: + 90 312 290 5020

Email: mustafa.siyahhan@bilkent.edu.tr


Esin Şenol, Instructor

Esin Şenol has a master’s degree from Atılım University in Ankara. Her area of expertise covers tourism standards, budgeting, cost control for food and beverage operations, purchasing, and related software packages. Her experience in the tourism industry includes working as the cost controller in the Divan Antalya Hotel; she has also worked at the American Hotel and Lodging Association, Swift Drilling Engineering, and Çankaya University.

Esin teaches Food and Beverage Cost Control, Purchasing, and Food and Beverage Computer Applications. Her hobbies are music, sports and travel.

Office location: RA106

Phone number: + 90 312 290 5019

Email: senole@bilkent.edu.tr


Ali Ünal, Service Instructor

Ali Ünal is a 1994 graduate of the department and also holds a master’s degree from Başkent University in Ankara. Ali has won second and third prizes in the Turkish Chefs Competitions with the Bilkent Gastronomy Group, which involves the students of the department.

As the gracious host of the department’s Practice Restaurant, Ali teaches hospitality and courtesy through his own example. He teaches Restaurant Service in the Practice Restaurant and Food and Beverage Services Management courses. Ali has a passion for cars, motor sports, good food, and coffee culture. 

Office location: RC205 

Phone number: + 90 312 290 5022-5029

Email: ali.unal@bilkent.edu.tr

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