Bilkent University has an active career center. It was established in 1988 as the first such center within a university in Turkey. The aim of the center is to provide help and guidance to our graduates so that they can find the right jobs for them.

How does the Career Center do this?

By organizing a number of different activities every year, including


Sector Information Sessions

that assist our students in making better decisions when selecting their career paths by giving them the opportunity to:

  • become fully informed about various business sectors
  • learn what specific assets and skills are needed in each professional field
  • determine what skills they need to develop
  • be informed about the general aspects of and future prospects in various areas of business


Personal Development Seminars

that allow Bilkent students to:

  • learn about themselves
  • recognize their skills
  • know what their current interests are, and how they may change
  • learn about the qualities desired in the workplace
  • evaluate their personal skills and position themselves for success
  • listen to the unique career experiences of working professionals at first hand

Students will thus be able to set realistic goals for themselves.


Corporate Introduction Days

that enable our students and graduates to:

  • visit the stands of various organizations, which are open throughout the day
  • attend presentations by representatives of various firms and organizations
  • participate in mock interviews, workshops, case studies, and simulations
  • attend management seminars

They will thus have the opportunity to become better informed about a wide range of companies and organizations, and apply directly for positions.


Career Fairs

that make it possible for Bilkent students to:

  • communicate personally with representatives of companies and organizations
  • learn about career opportunities and job application processes
  • ask the representatives any questions they might have

This will enable students to apply for full-time jobs, internships, and part-time positions.


In addition to these activities, the center helps our graduates

by managing a resume database.

This enables Bilkent students and graduates to:

  • save their resumes to the database
  • apply directly for jobs and internships

And allows firms to:

  • publish job listings
  • search the database for resumes matching their criteria

All services offered through the Resume Database are free of charge. 



Bilkent University Career Center

Address: Student Council Building, Main Campus, Bilkent University, Ankara

Phones: +90 312 290 1326  2958




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