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experience international cuisines


experience international cuisines

experiential learning environment

Le Piment Rouge is the practice restaurant of the Bilkent University Department of Tourism and Hotel Management. It was established in 1993 to provide our students with a hands-on experience in a real fine-dining restaurant operation environment. As part of our practical instruction, students taking the Restaurant Service course acquire knowledge of different food service techniques and skills. Service Instructor Ali Ünal, as the gracious host in Le Piment Rouge, teaches hospitality and courtesy by example. His course gives students the opportunity to apply the leadership, motivational, and management skills they have learned.

On the culinary side, Chef Instructor Elif Denizci teaches the International Cuisines course in the practice kitchen of Le Piment Rouge. Besides providing instruction in basic knife skills, she teaches the fundamentals of culinary skills and the techniques, procedures, and principles involved in preparing various types of foods from all over the world in the context of a weekly international menu served to guests in the department’s Practice Restaurant. Her course offers a comprehensive culinary education that is derived from a sound understanding of the hospitality industry.  

Since both the team of Le Piment Rouge and the students perform their duties in such a professional manner, most of our guests forget that the restaurant is actually a classroom.

Adjacent to Le Piment Rouge are two more special  classrooms: the demo kitchen and work stations where our students can observe and practice the preparation and cooking of a variety of foods from around the world.

Le Piment Rouge is open during the semester for lunch only. Since its seating capacity is limited to 50, guests need to make reservations. Moreover, depending on the number of students taking our practical courses in Le Piment Rouge, the number of reservations we are able to take can change from day to day. Read more

Those who wish to experience this special environment are invited to call 290 5029 for reservations. All credit cards are accepted. 

We look forward to welcoming all food-lovers to Le Piment Rouge.


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