Providing Solutions to the Industry

Senior Project course intends to improve the research skills of the senior students while establishing a partnership relationship between the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management and various components of the tourism industry in the early stages of their graduation.

Students are requested to choose a research topic within their areas of interest and conduct an empirical research to prepare a term project that will draw attention to the current issues facing the industry.

Objective and Purposes

This course has been designated to provide students with the opportunity to apply principles, techniques and concepts of the tourism and hospitality industry to real life situations. It will also create a medium for the students, where they can further elaborate on their favorite topics and acquire personal and professional capabilities to deal with economical and administrative setbacks, the realities of a working environment and the consideration of efficiency coupled with the effective decision making process.

Students will observe, investigate, plan, organize, develop, draft, revise and finally present their individual contribution towards the completion of the project. During the course, students, working as a team will develop skills in research methodology namely: literature review, data collection techniques, analysis and reporting the results in a significant way.


There is not a systematic teaching structure required in this course. However, each student should attend a 2-hour “Research Techniques” session which will be on the 2nd week of each semester. Independent study approach with instructor`s guidance is applied. Each team will assign a group coordinator. This student is the liaison between the instructor and the team members. S/he will take the responsibility of coordinating and reporting weekly assignments and the progress made by the group.

Each student is expected to abide by academic honor system. Based on the University’s standards, any act of plagiarism, falsification, cheating or any intent to copy even part of any previously submitted work shall be considered academic misconduct. In case of similar events necessary disciplinary action will be taken.

There will be scheduled meetings each week in the instructor`s office. The remaining time will be allocated to the preparation and submission of the project in line with set deadlines. Following the schedule and on-time preparation is vital for a successful outcome.

Each student has to maintain regular attendance. Apart from the official attendance requirement, there is the need to be present during the meeting sessions in order to accumulate the ‘attendance’ points.



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