Dean’s Welcome

Welcome to the Bilkent University, Faculty of Applied Sciences!

As the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, it gives me a great pleasure to announce that, upon the publication of the Presidential Decree of August 20, 2020, in the Official Gazette, Bilkent University’s School of Applied Technology and Management has been restructured as the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

The School, throughout its life, had a well-defined mission for excellence in education and training which supplied hundreds of young professionals who have contributed to the national and international economies for the last three decades. In order to achieve this mission, the School of Applied Technology and Management remained committed to perfection in teaching and close collaboration with the industry at top levels. The accomplishments of our graduates show that the School’s philosophy in education had exceeded industry expectations and gained a merited reputation. As a result, the employment rate amongst our graduates, both locally and internationally, has remained significantly high. Having such a strong background in teaching and industry experiences, the School is now fully set to broaden its vision under the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

The Faculty today comprises two departments; the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management and the Department of Information Systems and Technologies which were inaugurated in 1988 and 1994 respectively.

Having these two departments under the Faculty of Applied Sciences offers us a broad window of opportunities for cooperation between the world’s two most important sectors, namely tourism, and technology.

All our programs under the Faculty of Applied Sciences are designed in line with the future requirements of a challenging business environment. As we continue to offer applied education through both practical hours incorporated into main courses and industrial training internships, enriching learning in a real-life situation, our students will be offered the best technical knowledge, excellent command of the English language, and a clear understanding of cooperation and collaboration; all essential qualities to make a difference in this era of rapid change.

We remain fully committed to our long-term goals and objectives in education through our updated curriculum which reflects the industry-specific requirements. Our Faculty with deep experience in various areas of the business world provides the best atmosphere for our students’ academic proficiency and career success. Throughout our programs, the priority is given to indicating the changing nature of the global markets and their impacts on future developments. In the very near future, our primary objective is to increase our international recognition by offering graduate programs to meet the needs of our students and the communities we serve and become a center of excellence not only in education but also in research.

Prof. Dr. Halil Altay Güvenir

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