Our guests’ comments are vital for our excellence.


“I have been a customer of the practice restaurant for well over a decade, and every semester I can watch the students growing from immature fellows to real professionals ready to supervise first-class hotels and restaurants. All this is due to Ali bey’s professionalism and patience, his supervision and individual approach to the students. I think he would be the best nominee for the distinguished teaching awards.”

Assoc. Prof. Alex Degtiarev

Department of Mathematics

Bilkent University



“Being a faithful customer of the Piment Rouge, and I have always been happy to come. The place is absolutely impeccable, the tablecloth very white and ironed (a sign of care and effort, which is not so frequent anymore in the restaurants). The students have a nice uniform, they are smiling, absolutely well trained to take the order, to give information about the menu, to serve and clean. They do their best to be efficient and to satisfy the customer. This is obviously thanks to their instructor, Ali Ünal, who himself is always present in the room, and looks closely everything to make sure that the service is going in the right rhythm. It may happen that when one goes to the Piment rouge, (s)he will forget that the students are learning while serving. This is obviously due to the high standard education that is given. Last but not least, the menus are creative and often exotic, and the meals delicious!”

Prof. Dominique Tezgör


Department of Archeology

Bilkent University



“I am a professor at Middle East Technical University and occasionally I come to the Practice Restaurant. Every time I have my lunch in this place I observe that Mr. Ali Ünal is in charge of the place, team, guests and the kitchen, and always with a warm smile. I also observe the good relation among him and his students, they enjoy what they are doing for use.

The food is always good and Mr. Ünal is helpful in explaining all the details about the menu.

Providing a pleasing atmosphere and good food, a team is no an easy task, in especially an academic environment. This is because of Mr. Ünal’s positive attitude to what he is doing and teaching.

I truly enjoy coming to this place, and to see that there is quality food, energetic and happy students during the service and cooking. The instructor, Mr. Al Ünal, I believe deserves an appreciation for what he has been doing for many years, with enthusiasm.”




“Ali Ünal Hocayı, Bilkent Mimarlık Bölümü’nde okuyan oğlumun, Le Piment Rouge Restoranı’nın gerek ürün kalitesi, gerekse de ortamının ve çalışanlarının güzelliğini tavsiye etmesi üzerine tanıma fırsatı buldum.

Böylesine mükemmel bir ortamın varlığından, bir Ankara ve Bilkent Üniversitesi sevgisine sahip biri olarak çok mutlu oldum.

Ali Ünal hocanın, üstlendiği görevi çok severek ve büyük bir aşkla yaptığını, benim kadar ODTÜ’den gelen hoca arkadaşlarımın gördüğünü söylemenin hiç abartı olmadığını, bilakis kelimelere dökemeyeceğim kadar mükemmel olduğunu ifade etmek isterim.


Doç. Dr. M. Halis Günel

ODTÜ Mimarlık Bölümü Öğretim Üyesi



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